Is there a way to change the numbering of instruments manually?

Hello all. I was adding some instruments (transpositions, really, in this case) for horns into the full score. However I’m not sure Dorico agrees with me in regards to numbering the instruments. Horn 1 should have Horn in D (1) + Horn in F (1); Horn 2 should have Horn in D (2) + Horn in F (2) etc…

I can’t seem to find how to change the numbering after Dorico has made its mind about them. If there is a better system for creating horns (or trumpets, clarinets etc. which have similar issues), please let me know. Thanks!
horn labels

Actually, if you let Dorico put the numbers, it won’t work as you want — as you’ve noticed.
If you edit the instrument name, so that it’s not exactly the same, Dorico will stop adding figures. So you can rename your horns with your own figures, and if two horns get the same number, add a space before the name. It works.

There is an engraving option for whether Dorico considers or ignores the transposition when numbering instruments that would get you part of the way there if you number separately, perhaps (or at least with the horns in F), but for the horns in E you would probably need to edit the instrument names and add the numbers manually.

(Putting players in separate groups is another way to ‘break’ the automatic numbering.)

Thank you Marc and Lillie! I think I got the hang of it with those methods now.