Is there a way to change the size of the type in WL 10

I guess I am getting older but the type size on WL10 seems smaller on my monitor. Is there a way to change the type size in WL10 similar to the way we used to be able to change type face, size and color in WL 6? Thanks in advance. :question:

Not possible. But WaveLab uses standard sizes, as other applications. Isn’t it?
Btw my personal experience is: when you need glasses, do not use progressive lenses when using a computer. Instead use lenses calibrated for the distance between you and the screens. This is a major comfort.

I think the text of WaveLab is about on par with other programs.

One thing to consider is that certain parts of the mastering process are more detail oriented than recording and mixing, so that makes the need to really see the text big clear more important (CD-Text, metadata, marker times, etc.). So for that reason, I think WaveLab could use bigger text than most other programs.

I don’t know about PC but on Mac, you can easily turn on the option that lets you hold CONTROL and use the scroll wheel to zoom in. This is a universal thing for the entire Mac, not just WaveLab.

I use it ALL THE TIME now that I know about it, and I use a big display behind my speakers.

Also, the font size when Inserting Audio Files into a montage was increased slightly and is appreciated.

On my monitor which is a wide screen (2560 by 1080) the type looks small. I have special computer glasses. It was always so nice in WL6 to be able to change type faces and colors. Is there a reason why you had to take that all out? I can make it work but…

WaveLab 6 had a simple user interface. Now this is big. And if the font size would become customizable, this would complexify the internals even more because of UI element spacing issues. I don’t say never, but not now…

While I agree with Thomas in wishing for the ability to scale the interface (I use a 3480x2160…), I understand the complexities involved. As for glasses, I use progressives ex-screen, but have, as PG suggests, fixed lenses for studio work. And it IS better, just not for reading EQ markings from the racks that are closer than the screen :slight_smile: That said, even with “no longer young eyes” the WL GUI is fully readable to me. For now…