is there a way to comp takes with out zooming out?

is there a way to comp takes with out zooming out?
For example

I recorded 4 takes of my instrument part top to bottom on a 5 minute track.

I want to comp a take now from the four takes, I like to do this by zooming in so that around 12- 20 bars fills the screen.

At this zoom level the tiny little square in the centre of the lane is off-screen and I have to zoom out to click it when I want to change lanes, this presents a work flow issue of consantly zooming in and out.

In a much older version of Cubase we could change lanes by simply clicking on the new lane we want to hear, but now we have to hit it in that very specifc spot ( the tiny square) , is there a preference somewhere to choose the older behavior of just clicking anywhere on the clip we want to use.

Are you using the comp tool? That allows you to click the way you’re describing.

…the comp tool being the hand option in the pointer selection (right click). With it you can select which lane you want to hear by clicking on it anywhere, not just on the square.

I was using the regular pointer and was not aware of the hand tool, thanks for your very helpful reply.

In general that is the best approach. But an alternative is to chop up the length of the Audio into 8 bar segments (which is only changing the size of the ‘window’ into the audio file not the file itself). Then you will still be able to see the square in the middle of the event and use the Arrow Tool.