Is there a way to connect A ur44 and a ur824 to one Imac?

Hey everybody,

Is there a way to connect the ur44 and the ur824.
Simultaneous to a mac via usb?

And is there also a way to connect 2 ur824 via usb? The same way? I know there’s a adat option for that but that’s not what i want.

And will it also show up in the hardware function in mixer window in cubase. Can i use both dsp chips?



Did you find an answer? I have the exect same question.


did not

Yes of cause. Though I only did this with a UR44 and UR242 at the same time.
The Keyword is Aggregate Audio. Simply said, open Audio-Midi-Setup, create an Aggregate-Audio-Device (virtual Device that contains both Interfaces). Then change the Input:Output-Device in your DAW to the new device.