Is there a way to create a metronome mark for a full bar of 5/16?

What I have in mind is a metronome mark that would have to show a dotted eighth note tied to an eighth note = 108 so that it shows the tempo of the whole bar rather than using quarter note equals X which only gives 4/5 of the bar. Possible? Thanks.

For this, you’ll need to use Metrico and enter it as a system text object.

Metrico is an add on?

A font


This side of Dorico really needs serious improvement! :slight_smile:
The application should be able deal with such tempo markings like “dotted eighth note tied to an eighth note = 108” natively, without using third party fonts, and we need a customizable metronome (similar to the one in Cubase), which is able to play compound signature times, too.

I hope the team will make this important improvements for the next major update! :slight_smile: They are very necessary for those of us who are doing real-time

Best wishes,

Agree with Thurisaz

I also would like to have an on board way to set any possible kind of tempo relations without the workaround with metrico (which isn’t 100% similar to bravura)
e.g.: triplet eight note equal to eight note

Pepinello: I’ve been able to fake that by typing a bold italic 3 and dragging it in place. You can also use a bracket from the lines menu and arrows from the tempo settings in engrave mode. A lot of playing around tho.