Is there a way to create independent bar line types within individual instruments in the score?

I discovered (to my immense relief) the feature allowing independent time signatures for individual staves within the score. I am now hoping (wishing?) the same could be done with bar line types. Specifically, I need to indicate a repeat section for some instruments, and a simple double bar line for others in the same measure.
Thanks in advance!

You do it in exactly the same way as with independent time signatures, using the Alt key. The missing piece to the puzzle is that before you try and insert the barline you have to put in independent meters. It’s totally possible to have a global time signature of e.g. 4/4 and the apply an individual meter of 4/4 to one instrument, and then hide that meter “change” (assuming it’s redundant, as in this case).

Just ran across this, since I needed exactly what the OP did (thanks Leo).

TBH, it would be nice to have the extra step of the independent time signature removed, so we could just do Alt-Enter for independent barlines. Could this be a consideration for the future?

I could swear I remember in the past this extra step wasn’t there, 'cause I definitely remember fiddling with independent barlines, but I don’t remember having to include do independent time signatures (then again, I was in the thick of a pretty stressful semester and I can’t say I trust my memory to be accurate in this regard).

Anyone else remember it as I do? Or am I making this up…?

(Because I’d be sad to find out I was right, and this is a change the developers already considered and made. As it is, I’m in the same camp as Dan.)

Barlines basically are time signatures, and at present you can’t use the Shift+B popover to create a “local” barline. You first have to create a local time signature, and then you can override the barline.