Is there a way to delete/remove/turn-off this?

I’m transferring tapes to Cubase (and them mixing down to wav files). For some of the pieces I’m putting the outtakes at the end of the desired take - with a little bit of space.

My work flow is to do separate mix-downs in the same project - first for the desired take - and then for the outtakes.

I have exported the desired take. Now I want to export the outtakes. When I exported I found that first needed to highlight the wav file (or recording) in Cubase and then press the letter “P” on the keyboard. Doing this (pressing P) brings up this little (flag) object that marks the beginning and end of the highlighted wav. That was fine. However, now I want to mix-down the out-takes, but I’m finding that I have to move these little flag-like things manually - otherwise when I hit record I begin recording where the first flag is set - which is over previous material. I can move these flag things manually and continue with a mix-down of the outtakes - but that’s kind of awkward/cumbersome. Is there a way to delete these flag things? I don’t know what they’re called (see the attached picture).

So, my basic question is how can one get rid of these flag things? Also, what are they called?

See the attached picture.


In the Transport Panel, you can choose, if you want to start recording at the Left Locator position (the flag) or the cursor position.

Does this help?

I’d like to delete the flag things - the left/right locator things.


You cannot delete them. You can just move them. Why do you want to delete them?

Is there a shortcut method of disabling these or scooting the flags (left/right locator) somewhere else? Perhaps I could highlight an area and press the letter “P” as a way to quickly move/scoot the flags (left/right locators) elsewhere.

  • Set Left/Right Locator to the Cursor Position: Ctrl + Num 1/Num 2.
  • Enter Left Locator: Shift + L, now you can type the timecode.