Is there a way to delete the left hand bar line?

Here is an example of a score I am trying to write (I am aware of the fact that the drum set part won’t work, but I am beginning to pre-plan music I am going to engrave when it does come available).

I do not want the left bar line to exist. I cannot seem to find how to get rid of it. I saw that adding groups removes the bracket, but now I want the line to be gone.

Any suggestions?


No, when there are two or more staves in a system, they are always joined by a systemic barline. There is no way to remove it.

But you can of course cover it with a graphics frame with white background in it or export the file to Illustrator or something like it.


Is this something you would consider for future improvements?


My first thought was: why would he want to do that? Then I realized that I have seen a rare style in which a brace or bracket alone groups the staves that form a system. And there might be other reasons.

This is possible in Finale by removing all left bar lines for all measures in the piece with the Measure Tool.

Yeah, I know I can do this Finale. However, I am trying to be done with Finale.

I have personally used the no left hand bar line look numerous times. I think it looks a little cleaner at times, and for maybe some avant-garde music, the lack of a left bar line might be necessary.

I was hoping that maybe I missed something, and this was doable in Dorico. I’m hoping that this is looked at, and possibly added in the future.


I want to be done with Finale too, but only if I can get better results and have greater control over all elements than I now have with Finale. I don’t want to get involved in a project only to discover that there are roadblocks because I am trying to do things that the designers proscribed or didn’t foresee.

John, exactly those same kinds of “roadblocks” exist in Finale as well, but you’re used to them, both because Finale is old enough to contain features for every possible requirement and because you are used to the way the program works. It takes time to program every one of those features, which is very probably why Finale still can’t, for example, do tremolos or beaming across barlines natively and requires either tedious manual workarounds or plug-ins to achieve those things. Dorico, as a young product, cannot provide the functionality every single checkbox in every single nested dialog in Finale (and I hope it never has to).

Robby, it would be possible in the future to prevent the systemic barline at the start of the system from drawing, but as I have said, there is a cost involved in adding every feature, and we have to weigh the relative priorities of thousands of competing requirements every day when deciding what to work on, so I can’t promise when we will be able to address this.

Thanks Daniel

As always, I appreciate your effort and honesty.


As do I.

For the record, so far, I haven’t encountered a roadblock in Finale, but do need greater control over slurs. That is what keeps me interested in Dorico and the reason that I plan to demo it.