Is there a way to delete unused takes?

As a user of Cubase 8.5, I still have that function (Cleanup). I tried it a few times but my files seem to be well associated and do not pop up for deletion. I had hoped that this function would allow me to delete unused audio files that are not used in my project, you know, the 35 useless takes I did before using take 36 in my project. When I was using a Yamaha AW16G, this was called <<optimization<<.

The bulk of my project size is this accumulation of ‘‘takes’’ which are no longer useful. Is there a way to scan each project, identify which ‘‘takes’’ are used and list the unused ones? I would delete them.

You can use the backup functions for your projects. So, you can easily isolate the unused takes.

I don’t think that removes the unused Takes unless you’ve deleted them from the Project Window, does it?

(in any case, this is not what the Cleanup function does)

— functions described here could have a different name (I’m using the german version) —

Open the pool, rightclick > remove unused media > “remove or trash?” > trash. Empty trash in the pool.

Use the pool function ‘archive files’ before. That way all media gets collected into the project folder. Alternatively you should look through the trash in the pool before deleting it, looking for pathes.

In case you’ve imported files into your project from Media Bay or explorer, they are maybe just referenced (depending on the import settings set in preferences) without actually being imported into your project folder. The ‘empty trash > delete’ function in the pool will relentlessly delete the files. You won’t find them in your OS’ trash, they’ll be gone simply.

Another way is the ‘backup project’ function as mentioned before. If you choose to ‘delete unused files’ in the dialogue, they will not be deleted from the original project, they’re just not taken over to the new folder.
Indeed you have to delete everything you don’t want anymore from the project window. In case you have stacked takes there’s a function called ‘delete overlaps’ (rightclick menu in project). This will remove all hidden stuff underneath the events on top. If you were using track versions there can also be some invisible stuff left. The cure is to select all tracks and use ‘remove track versions of selected tracks’.

It’s easy once you understand how Cubase handles files. I admit it’s not as intuitive as it could be :laughing:

The mentioned ‘clean up’ function is to be used very very conscious! I did it just once…