Is there a way to deselect a voice in a condensed 4 part harmony setting?

So say for instance I want to deselect all the soprano voices in this condensed Soprano Alto select, is that possible without having to manually delete every alto note one at a time? I looked up a previous thread on this but it seems the old method of selecting the first note, then ctrl and selecting the last note followed by shift A doesn’t work any more.

Yes. Just use right-click>filter>deselect only, then right-click>Filter> Voices>Downstem voice 1

(It’s slightly annoying to have to do this in two steps, but apparently there are technical reasons)

You can also create a key command to filter any voice. For example: I use the jump bar to filter voices. jfd to filter downstem, jfu for upstem.
Programmable key commands are a powerful tool to increase efficiency.

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I also assigned shortcuts for “Select Only” and “Deselect Only”.