Is there a way to detect fade out?

Hello Earth.

Is there a way to detect when a fadeout starts and ends on an audio track/event? So that I can copy that fade out to other tracks as well.

Say, if I have an audio file that has a fade out on it (a fade out that wasn’t done on Cubase), and then I import that audio file into Cubase. Is there a way for Cubase to detect when that fade out begins and ends? So that I can see when it begins and ends, and then copy and paste it to other tracks.

Thanks in advance.


Open the Info View. Once you click the Audio Event, you can see in the Info View the length of the Fade In and Out. You can copy and Paste it to other Audio Event. Or you can select multiple Audio events and apply it at once.

I’m lost. Can you give a more detailed description of how to go there? I don’t even know how to find info view.


Click the Window Setup Layout button (right-top corner of the Project window; the cog-wheel) and enable the Info View.

You mean ‘info line’? And you mean right side of ‘snap’ there’s the fade in and then right side of that is fade out and then right side of that again is volume… is that what you’re referring to? The fade in just says 0. 0. 0. 0 and the fade out also just says 0. 0. 0. 0

But I know there’s a fade out in this audio event. It wasn’t done on Cubase. So what I’m asking is if there’s a way to detect fadeouts? So that I can see when the fade Out begins and when it ends.


Yes, sorry.

Do you mean it was done in other software/hardware and exported? Then Cubase can’t detect it, sorry.