Is there a way to duplicate a group track quickly?

Hello everybody

I’d like to know if there is a way to duplicate a group track quickly.

Let’s say I have a folder drum and every elements are routed to Drum Group.
Now I want to duplicate the whole group and create Drum Group 2 as an exat copy of Drum Group for parallel pourposes.

Any tips?


Create another Group Track.

From your original Group Track, rollover the Name Area and 2 icons will appear. Click on the icon with a dogged-ear flap (left icon), all the other tracks will appear green. As you hold down the “Click” just point the mouse by moving it to you desired Group Track.

All the setting, plugins etc are duplicated.

Does this work for cubase 7.5 as well?
Can you please make a short screenshot of that. I couldn’t understand. I can’t see any icons


hmm… not sure about 7.5. I only got it after the 8.0.40 update.

here is the screenshot

There is a misunderstanding I think.

I ment: create an audio track ->create a group track ->route the audio track to the group track.

Now: is there a way to duplicate the group track and make group track 2 play audio without manually duplicating (and re routing to group 2) the audio track as well?


Hmmm… lets see if we get it right this time…

Wanted: 1 Audio track to different Groups (Group Tracks)

If the situation is as such, use the SENDS. You can send to a max of 8 Groups or 8 FX Channels only. No routing required. :wink:

hope it helps…