Is there a way to edit 2 files at once?


I was wondering if anyone can clarify if you can edit 2 files at once?

The scenario i have is, I have 2 dialogue files which are exactly the same in terms of dialogue content but different sonic attributes have been applied.

Is there a way in Wavelab that i can stack these files on top of each other so i can edit both of them at the same time?

I tried using montage which allowed me to insert the 2 files, but i seem to only be able to edit (cut) one file at a time. I was hoping there is a way that i can select both files and cut them at the same time? Thx!!

Yes you can, and the montage is the correct place to do it. I don’t know about Windows but on Mac, if you select both files and then hold the OPTION key while you make the edit, both files will be edited. You can do more than 2 files as well.