Is there a way to export a project to a midi file as separate instruments?

I recently exported a Dorico project as in musicXML file and imported it into Cubase 12. I was, of course, given the option to export the instruments separately if I wanted to. The problem was that the sustain pedal feature that I had on the acoustic guitar did not carry over into Cubase. I asked for help and someone on the Cubase forum suggested that I export from Dorico and import into Cubase as a midi file. It worked, and the sustain technique transferred successfully! My question is, why can’t I choose to export instruments separately from Dorico? Why do I have to export the entire project? I am not given that option. Does anyone know the answer to this?

Also, why does the sustaining of notes not work when I use MusicXML?

Thank you,


To export a MIDI file of just one layout, view the part layout that contains just the one instrument you want to export, and then export your MIDI file.

Thank you so much, I will try that!