Is there a way to export the Expression Map SETUP I created?

Hi, I find the process of loading expression maps for orchestral music VERY tedious (1 map file at a time), but I’m finding myself even more frustrated by the fact that if I import a track from another project, the expression map assigned to it is not included, and that it doesn’t seem possible yet to export/import an Expression Map setup preset (once we’ve loaded everything as we like) for quick loading in other projects.

Or did I miss the feature?

I spent alot of time setting up expression maps in my CPR files for entire sample library collections (ie. Cinematic Studio). Sure, its fine if I decide to open the CPR template and work ONLY with instruments from Cinematic Studio. But say I want to mix in instruments from different libraries - yes I can import empty tracks from my other “templates” BUT the expression maps that I set up and assigned in those don’t get loaded. :frowning:

Are there any solutions to this? I figure I either missed something, or it would be a great feature to add, or someone here has figured a workaround or better workflow…

Upon further research it would seem that while it is not possible to export an entire Expression Map Setup preset, load Track “Archives” instead of just importing tracks from another project should retain the load and assigned expression maps.