Is there a way to find out what causes Cubase to freeze

I’m running the latest version of Cubase 11 on Mac OSX Mojave (latest update).

I have a session that keeps freezing and needs to constantly be force quit.
Things that cause it to freeze are dragging an audio file from finder on audio track or even just clicking on “File” on the menu bar.

It only seems to happen in this one session which is very big and has loads of plugins and instruments running.

When Cubase relaunches after the crash it doesn’t say what crashed it. Is there any way to find out?

I’m afraid no help from me on this, I’m on the same boat as you.

This is what I’d like Cubase to improve on, it’s happened to me a number of times when Cubase simply crashed or even when closing a project, Cubase just hangs. I need to kill off the process, no log/dump file generated, hard to know what caused it.

Same boat for me, as well!
My favourite (64 bit) piano plugin works perfectly in CB 6.5 on my Win 10 laptop, but freezes CB 10.5 when trying to load on same laptop.
There is an incompatibility between my laptop, piano plugin and CB 10.5 but without a crash dump file I’m rather stumped.

I trashed the preferences and it worked ok now for a few hours. Let’s see if it continues to work well tomo

Actually trashing preferences helped a bit but there are still huge issues.

Whenever I drag and drop audio into Cubase I get the spinning wheel and a freeze and have to force quit Cubase.

I really wish we could a get a solid stable Cubase. I don want new features. Just something that actually works and I don’t have to restart every 15 minutes.