Is there a way to get more visual contrast when you're dragging events to specific locations in the Project window?

When moving/dragging MIDI parts around in the Project window, the events inside the part are sometimes (more often than not, depending on the color of the event) nearly invisible, which makes pinpoint editing by moving/dragging MIDI events around1 sometimes near impossible to do accurately visually. Is there a way to change this very curious GUI decision somewhere that I just don’t know about?


Prefs/event Display/Midi,

1.Set Part Data Mode = Blocks
2. Reduce the Brightness setting towards MIN, hit Apply

Well hot damn. Years on Cubase and I never thought about that Preferences page. Thank you.

Cubase needs to be smarter about shades and change the data from dark to light depending on the color of the event, though. The data disappears over some color shades.