Is there a way to have my Quick controls default on every new track?

Ive started using a iRig keys Pro 2 keyboard. It works fine. It has some knobs that i can assign to controllers in CB. Ive set two up, one for volume and one for pan, and saved as a preset.
These are more for when I’m trying things out rather than anything serious. They work fine but i have to manually call up the preset ive made.
Is there any way to have this preset automatically enabled on any new track i create? I’m aware of track presets, but my workflow is too disorganised to make use of these, and if I’m going to call up a preset, it might as well be the QC one.
I do have a Korg NanoKontrol2, which works fine, but i would only need the control on the current track I’m using, and the NK2 isn’t ideal for this…

Thanks for any tips, I’m very new to using controllers.

You may want to explore connecting your controller via the Generic Remote mechanism rather than Quick Controls.

It’s a bit more complicated, but a lot more powerful.

I have different controllers, so my example needs to be adjusted accordingly for your setup, but I hope it’s still a little helpful:

A couple of things to watch out for:

:warning: Important undocumented trap (no error message if done wrong): When setting up Generic Remotes configurations: The Control Names have to be unique within a Generic Remote configuration, since they serve as the key linking the top and bottom half (mapping the hardware remote and the Cubase software connections respectively).

:warning: Unlike in the Quick Controls, assigning a controller to the generic Remote doesn’t filter it from the regular channel midi input. So to avoid potential confusion, you may want to use the MIDI Filter to prevent those controllers from arriving in your midi tracks.

  • If your controller can send its controls on a different midi channel than the notes from the keyboard or drum pads, make it do that (I’m using Channel 16 for those controls). And then filter Channel 16 from arriving at your midi tracks:

  • Alternatively, you can just filter those controller numbers that you want to use for the Generic Remote.

Thanks very much, ill see if i can get it running like that.
When i first got it i did try and set it up as a Mackie controller, following how i set my Korg up, but it caused havoc with CB which start getting very weird, so i changed to QC.
I don’t really use the Korg at the moment so no worries about clashing.
Appreciate the help, will update when/if I get it running.

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