is there a way to hide a slider in less-gui plugin

hey all
i develope a plugin that has no gui
what actually i need is to save my own data in the project
but i think this is not possible
so what i intend to do is declare this data as parameters so it will be saved
but this make a new problem
since the plugin has no gui
the host will show all the paramteres as sliders/buttons

so i need a way (if there is) to tell the host
which parameter is visible and which is not

thanks in advanced

Its a while since I wrote a VST, but i think its possible to save anything you choose in a project from a VST. Check the VST SDK.

i checked
and also made a post for this
got only one wrong answer so far

maybe you didn’t understand
there is a data that does saved in the project
this data is the plugin parameters
other than that, i didn’t see anything

Perhaps you just need to make a simple window (example: Just has the text “VST_USER VST”) to stop the VST being interpreted as a windowless GUI ? Because you have no window, the host system is probably creating its own window and adding controls based on the parameters you have stored.

yes the host creates the gui for me.
and i thought there is a way to tell the host to hide on of the sliders/buttons it creates for me

anyway, after two days with no answer
i think the answer is NO.
what i’ve asked is NOT possible.
so if i need to save extra data i need
to declare this data as plugin parameters.
and if i want to hide one of the parameter sliders, i need to write a GUI plugin.

i found the answer on other forum.
the solution is to use get/setChunk