Is there a way to hide fader in mix console?

Fader is basic in the mix console but I don’t need it in my workspace.
And other windows such as inserts is not visible because of faders.
I wonder if there is a way to hide fader in mix console.


Show the Left Zone of the MixConsole. In the Visibility tab you can show/hide the channels of the MixConsole.

Is this what you are searching for?

But I think that you can only hide a track if it is allocated to the middle of the three mix console zones, rather than being locked to the left or right zone.

You can not hide the fader.

I would see this as a great feature request! Especially for those who work with external controllers it would be desirable to allow to configure the whole channel including fader …

If you mean the docked mixer at the bottom
you can select to view Fader or Inserts or Sends one at a time by three icons on the left of the mixer. Either by clicking or keyboard shortcut (Mac)Command Option Up/Down Arrow

Hi ozinga, great!!!
Is this also available in the mixer windows or only in the lower zone?

I will never understand why Steinberg decided not to deliver identical functionality for the mixer in the lower zone and the dedicated mixer windows.
Especially for multi-monitor users this is a shame.


To show only Inserts or only Sends option is available in the MixConsole Lower Zone only. This is not possible in the MixConsole window.

Thank you, Martin.

I think it is a shame that obviously Steinberg did a rewrite for the mixer when they created the “lower zone”. It indicates severely bad software design decisions that the functionality was not automatically reflected in the separate mixer windows (which should be basically exactly the same structure in the program and thus reused for all the mixer windows…).

So please Steinberg: For the sake of multi-monitor users: Dont implement the single window concept THIS way… Each of the zones in the “single window” MUST be “separateable” (=“undocked” if you will) into a functionally 100% equal SEPARATELY floating window. Otherwise you spoil the usability for multi-monitor users!