Is there a way to hide MIDI tracks and create/show folders in the MixConsole?

I’ve got a lot of my MIDI tracks visible on the mixconsole and it’s getting confusing. I’ve tried using the little house icon thing to hide and show tracks, but i don’t see any options for MIDI. How can I hide MIDI tracks on my MixConsole?

Also, is there a way to place the tracks on the MixConsole inside a folder? Would be nice to open and close folders so It can keep tracks organized and out of sight when not used. (basically looking to create a track stack inside the mixer like I do with logic).

Next to the “house”, there’s a track filter option. MIDI is also included as a track type, so just uncheck it and all MIDI tracks go away.

Unfortunately, no. If you open the visibility tab on the left zone, you can hide/show all tracks contained within a folder that is already setup in the project view, but it comes from nothing and it goes back to nothing. There is no “entity”, no “trace” left in the mixconsole of the folder, so that you can control the contained tracks’ visibility.