Is there a way to hide the beam in a group of 8th notes?

I am trying to work on a modern piece of music, and a thought that I had was to possibly hide the beam or flag of a set of 8th notes. If I try to change the color or opacity to white and 0, the beam/flag still shows.

Is there perhaps something else I can do?


An “8th note without a flag or beam” doesn’t make much sense. How is anyone supposed to know it’s an 8th note?

You could try using hidden tuplets, e.g. “12 8th notes in the time of 6” if you want to fit 6 quarter-notes into the rhythmic space where six 8th-notes would normally go.

I was wondering what an eight note without a flag would mean but I thought I must be misinterpreting what was wanted. It would certainly be “modern”.

The idea would be a series on note heads only representing rhythmic placement along with pitch, no stems or beams. So for instance, I would have the normal note head on the beat, but then I would show beat divisions with say a plus note head, or an X note head. The only issue being that I would like the note spacing to look about the same as if it was notated with proper rhythms. (If that makes sense at all) The first thought I had would be to write 8th notes, but then hide the beam/flag and stem. That way I would still see the “correct” note spacing. Hiding the stem is a no brainer, but hiding the flag or beam is a little less easy.


Dear Robby,
Rob has probably the easiest solution. Use hidden tuplets, Dorico handles the spacing beautifully.

Your first post didn’t mention “no stems” (presumably because you know how to do that!), only “no beams or flags”.

Just noteheads with no stems or beams make sense, of course - but conceptually they aren’t really “8th notes” or any other specific duration.

Very true… And I think I will try the tuplet idea. I think that will provide the space I need and allow the to hide the stems.


I would like to hide flags on 8th notes in order to create stemless resultant harmonic pitches above a line that contains 8th notes. Yet I can’t seem to color change the flags the same way that I can to hide noteheads. Does anyone have a workaround for this?

As has been said in this thread: tuplets. For the time being, you have to force Dorico to display a quarter note in place of an 8th note. With the 8th note engaged, enter a 2:1 tuplet, and then cover those two rhythmic positions with one quarter.

Related question: is it possible to force Dorico into strict rhythmic spacing?

I assume you mean proportional spacing?


Setting a Spacing ratio of 2 will yield something very similar to proportional spacing. However, a strict proportional notation might not be possible for now, since we can only set the space for all “short notes” at once. Still, choosing proportional values for the Minimum space for short notes and Default space for crotchet will yield the correct results up to the 16th note.

Cool, thanks… still so much to play with.!