Is there a way to increase or decrease selected automation with key commands?

Is there a way to increase or decrease a selected automation section with a key command?

Let’s say I use the selection tool on a given part of the volume automation line. Now that it’s selected, is there a key command somewhere that will increase (or decrease) that section …say by 1/2 dB and another key command that my increase it by 1dB?

If there is no such key command, this would definitely increase my work flow…

PLE has a preset “trim automation by 10%” that you could edit to create your own choice of plus and minus amounts but it has to be a percentage rather than a specific db change.

What is PLE? This sounds interesting

Project Logical Editor.

All existing PLE presets and any new ones you create or edit and save are automatically listed in Key Commands so you can assign a KC or incorporate them into macros.

Special Thank you to Greg Ondo and Grim for all your help on this! Here’s how to accomplish this… I have attached 2 screenshots of the Project Logical Editor… One is for Increase and the other is for decreasing.It works in percentages and not in dB terms… Once you create the presets and assign them a Key Command, all you have to do is make a selection with the selection tool in your automation line, then press your keyboard shortcut and its done! NICE work and thanks again Greg Ondo and Grim! These screenshots show the example of 10% increase or decrease. You can experiment with different values to create a different change.