is there a way to insert an XY controller to control sends on a track?


I am trying to replicate what Alex does in FL studio with positioning orchestral instruments
A Great Reverb Trick for Positioning Instruments Visually in FL Studio (X-Y-Z Controller) - YouTube (minute 3:30)

He has an XY controller as an insert on a group track that controls the pan and send levels to a wet and a dry channel. I really want to know if it is possible to do something similar in cubase, especially when it comes to changing the mix between the dry and wet channels. He uses a formula that would send more into the wet channel and less into the dry channel if he wants the track further back in the mix and vice versa

Would greatly appreciate the help

A joystick (XY controller) kicks out MIDI messages 16 (X axis) and 17 (Y axis) on the MIDI channel the synth or controller is set to.

Here’s an example setup to control two Track Sends with an external joystick.

Open up Studio Setup and find the Track Quick Controls selection under Remote Devices. Then, assign the first Quick Control to the appropriate MIDI channel the controller is transmitting on and set the Address to 16 (Max Value 127/Flags R). Do the same for the second Quick Control, except set its Address to 17 (Max Value 127/Flags R). Hit Apply.

In the Track’s Inspector, open the Quick Control’s pane, click on an empty slot and select Sends. Open its folder, pick a Send (in this example: 1), open its folder and select: Level
Do the same for the second QC slot, except this time for Send 2.

The joystick will now adjust the Track’s # 1 and 2 Send levels. It works, I just tested with an old Yamaha TG-33 joystick.

Great! Thank you

Now is there a way so that when I adjust one, the other goes in the opposite direction?
Meaning, if i want the full wet signal to go through, the dry signal goes down at the same time?

Keep in mind you can assign controllers 16 and 17 to multiple Quick Controls between the two editors I’ve pointed out.

I didn’t intend to demonstrate anything specific…only to point out where the editors are and basic settings. With this information, you should be able to rig up any number of Quick Control targets to achieve what you need and more. A little experimentation on your part is required. I apologize, but the “leading a horse to water” philosophy is as far as I want to take this here. Perhaps some other forum member may be willing to advance some suggestions and tips.

To be reasonably thorough I should point out that even more variations on this theme can be achieved incorporating the math afforded by the Logical Editor into the chain…but that is an advanced rabbit hole I’m absolutely not willing to jump into here. It is a part of Cubase you should explore as you get more comfortable with the program. There are a ton of functions in Cubase that can do some amazing stuff…but like anything worthwhile, it takes time.

If you can frame a good question, you already have 90% of your answer via a word search in the manual. Everything else can be flogged to death here.