Is there a way to isolate vocals in Cubase 7?

I’m looking for a way to isolate vocals from a friends CD of his band. I need one clip of the singer from it but it doesn’t seem as if there are any plugins available for C7. Any suggestions?

Pretty good choice. Ive used it to do similar work in the past.

Not the cheapest. …but does some pretty unique things.

This is how you can do it.

Tried 3 times to get the Demo from this link. But, nothing happens. I fill in the form. I check my email and spam settings. Nothing!

Thanks. I don’t have the instrumental version unfortunately. I suppose I could try to make a karaoke version and try it that way. Ill look at the Roland program demo version to try it out thanks all

I don’t know why im bothering but you don’t need an instrumental track if you just watch

Try using a different browser. I’ve had problems accessing sites and forms with Chrome only to find they open perfectly well with Internet Explorer!

Filterfreak, thanks. If there was a part of the song where I could get a clean track to work with that would be great, but my with the song I’m using. As far as the Roland demo I tried it and its pretty cool. Unfortunately I would have to buy it since the demo version only lets you work with the song they give you.

It wouldn’t work with a live band anyway unless they’d used loops throughout the track.
The reason that teqnuiqe works on dance music is because everything is programmed. The chances of you finding an identical spot in a track to inverse that been play live throughout is zero.

Your best solution is to ask you friend to re-sing the line you want.

i watched this video over and over again and still cant manage to create an instrumental track from the original? any advise please?
Thank you

This is something similar to what I want to do. I have a stereo mix of a song and I want to have just the vocal track to work with. I don’t have an instrumental versoin.