Is there a way to keep a drum loop playing forever for a part?

I have 2 parts for Song 1.
Part 1 start at bar 1
Part 2 starts at bar 2.

I have a midi drum loop start at bar1 and another midi drum loop start at bar2.

When i press the part 1 the drum loop in bar 1 should play in loop forever till i press the stop button.
If i press on part 2, then the midi drum loop on bar 2 should start playing forever till i stop it.

Is there a way I can achieve this in VST Live?

Not yet.

Korg’s Arranger and Yamaha’s Arranger are very good at doing single man dynamic live performances.
On both of them it can have styles of 4 variations, 4 fillin, 4 intros, 4 ending etc.
Changing the voices while playing a style won’t change the style variations. Lot of power on those machines to do live performances.
Is VST Live planning to come to that level? I wish VST live to come to that level, then only it can be a dynamic live performance software.