Is there a way to limit AND transform data on MIDI sends?

I’m setting up a Lemur project and I’m using a MIDI send (through Transformer) to synch the track with one of several keyswitch setups in the Lemur project.

It works fine but I don’t need all the MIDI data going to Lemur - only the CCs related to the keyswitch set. I have a huge template of tracks and each one will be sending all of the MIDI data to Lemur. I’m concerned about slow response in the interface as a result of that mass of MIDI data.

So I’d like to know if there’s a way to limit the data going out on the send. 99% of it is useless, so it would be good to filter it out.

I can set Transformer to “delete” but then I can’t transform the data. I need to transform some of the data and delete the rest.

Thanks in advance,


Yes, it’s a pity that you can only use one Insert on a MIDI Send (which would have otherwise solved the problem).
Do the main MIDI tracks (i.e. before the Send) require any of the data that you wish to Transform for the Sends? If not, then can’t you Transform them earlier in the data path (via the Input Transformer)? Then just use the Transformer Insert on the Send to perform the Delete?

Yeah - that might work!

One more question on the send transformer: if I want to delete everything EXCEPT CC127 then I set the send transformer function to “Delete” (down at the bottom) and then add two filter targets:

Type is Unequal Controller
Value 1 is Unequal 127

Is that correct?



Yes, that is fine :slight_smile: (It only gets a bit confusing when using “Unequal” with the Boolian “Or”… have to be very careful where you put the parentheses, but here, where using only the Boolian “And”, there’s no problem :wink: )

Works like a charm with one tweak on the send transformer:

Filter Target:
Type is unequal controller OR
( Type is equal controller AND
Value 1 unequal CC127 )

Action Target:

Function: Delete