Is there a way to lock in a midi performance's rhythm but keep the notes draggable?

I love the ability to drag notes up and down in the midi editor and re-write on the fly, especially if I don’t exactly know what notes I want for a piece, but I’m wondering if there’s a way to lock the rhythm of the notes in place?

For example, in this screenshot, would there be a way to take that C5 that’s at almost 65.2 and lock it in place so that it stays exactly where it is in time (at almost 65.2) but I can drag it up and down on the keyboard to decide what note I want it to be? If I pull it down to E3 or something, the timing will get thrown off and I’ll have to really carefully put it back.

I know I can take my time and zoom in and just be really careful (or do it numerically) if I want the new notes to be played at the exact same time as the old ones, but I’d love to know if there’s a way to do it more easily.

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I don’t know of a general setting to lock only the time position of notes but

  1. select the notes you wanna change
  2. start to move them
  3. only then hold down the Ctrl/Cmd key

This will restrict movement to vertical if you move the mouse away from the pitch.
If you keep the mouse on the same pitch it will restrict movement to horizontal only. Play around with it, it is harder to describe but easier to catch on when you are actually doing it.

If Ctrl/Cmd doesn’t work you might have changed the default modifier in the Preferences…

An alternative is to use the cursor up and down keys.


Amazing, thank you so much!

Another approach - I have the Up & Down Arrows on my ASCII keyboard set to move any Selected Notes up & down. Not sure if that is a default Key Command or not, but the KCs are Up & Down in the Nudge section.

Whats nice about this method is you can use the Left & Right Arrows to change which Note is Selected and then change its pitch using the Up & Down Arrows. Barely have to move your hand and no mouse is needed.