is there a way to lock staffs (block any later modification)

I’m transcribing an upright bass line over a jazz tune, using one staff per pass over the leadsheet. That means there are several staffs assigned the bass instrument, which appear as a group. This format allows to visualize the subtle variations a jazz bass player makes across passes over the leadsheet

Question: is there a way to lock one or more staffs , i.e. to prevent making any changes to what is notated in them ?

Reason for that: when reviewing my transcription I may inadvertently click on a staff which may get modified erroneously by a further action on the keyboard or whatever

I suppose this need exists in other circumstances, i.e. make sure some staffs (or even some sections of it) can’t be modified until authorized

There isn’t any way to lock a staff.

But Dorico is designed so it is hard to accidentally change anything while navigating around a score. For example, unlike some other notation software, you can’t accidentally change the pitch of a note while trying to scroll the score with the mouse.

If you really want to be cautious, you can review the score in print mode, which guarantees you can’t edit anything by accident.

Another idea would be to copy the flow. Since you can’t edit two flows at the same time, one of them is guaranteed to be unchanged.

It happened that erroneously modified a score using the mouse. there are always idiotic users like me !

Mouse activity is required at least to move computer focus between the Dorico and Transcribe! windows (where I select which bars I’m looping over while listening). So I mistake can occur and in fact it occured, rarely but it did.

So may be a lock feature per staff could be useful !

After some thinking, the solution I found is to review score by parts in write mode, while listening to the original audio file being transcribed. This way I can’t modify the other parts I’m not reviewing, but only the one I’m focusing on.

Alt+Tab is an easy way to switch focus from one window to another, and it definitely won’t mess anything up within your Dorico project.

Thanks for that Alt-Tab tip.