Is there a way to 'lock' the Locators?

Aloha guys,

After all these years I still find myself accidentally changing
the Locator(s) position while trying to place the Song Position
Indicator somewhere in the time line.

Anyone find a way to ‘Lock’ these locators once they are set?

My current work-a-round is to manually write down
the locator position using the note pad feature.

Of course this works but is time consuming to have to use.


You can load the cycle marker track and add ranges from there. You can set a key command to add the range to the cycle track. Then you can lock the cycle track.

Aloha J,
and Mahalo. I’ll give it a go.

cycle track is my favorite. Putting markers and cycles there is awesome.

That happens to me all the time too… hate it! :imp: :wink:
Nothing to add, other than the suggestions already made, except that I wish the were a Preference, to use a modifier key when moving Locators (to avoid such accidents).

I agree completely. I have the same problem. However, once I have a cycle I know I don’t want to mess up, I put it on the cycle track and give it one of the cycle short cuts. That way, when I mess it up (cuz I will mess it up), I just hit one key and I’m back. Not perfect, but better than manually adjusting all the time.

I would like a lock on locators too… I think It’s very easy to implement it, isn’t it?

On Nuendo 1.6, you could only move the LEFT marker by holding CTRL and clicking and only move the RIGHT marker by holding ALT and clicking on the timeline at the top of the project window. I LOVED this feature since I constantly click on the timeline to move the song cursor, and zoom.