Is there a way to 'lock' the Mute state?

As the title says,

is there a way to lock the Mute state of a track? like Solo Defeat, but for the Mute button?
i have a lot of extra muted tracks as backup that flip on when resetting the overal mute states.
ALT+Click on the Mute button of the mixer would be nice, then it changes to orange, and needs ALT-Click or Solo to un-mute, or something like that :slight_smile:

searched this and could not find it

If you Lock a Track it will Lock all the controls including the Mute button. But there is no mechanism to individually lock the various controls.

Perhaps disabling the backup tracks could be an alternative solution. As a bonus, the Disable command will unload any plugins on that track to free up resources.


as a work around, this is great!
i did not know this even existed lol

yeah thats what i thought locking a track should do, but in my case it does not :confused: