Is There A Way To Make Cubase 8 Pro Work Without Dongle?

At least on laptop, for convenience :wink:

No, there isn’t. :frowning:


Aloha guys.

I don’t believe this is the place for this topic of discussion.

In someone else’s house discussing how to NOT use the locks on the doors.

IMHO not kool.


For what it’s worth, the thing I mentioned is NOT a way to use Cubase without a license. It still requires a physical dongle and a legit Cubase license. It’s just a potential way for licensed owners to not need to carry the dongle with them when traveling.

But I edited my post anyway.

Aloha U,

I hear ya and understand your point but the original topic line says:

Is There A Way To Make Cubase 8 Pro Work Without Dongle?

That’s the not kool part.

Since I use Cubase in a live setting on weekends
I have always wish for a way to install the dongle inside a laptop (and I have read a couple of
posts where users have claimed to have done just that) but for me there is not enough space inside my axe to do that.

Also once installed how would a user apply updates to the dongle?

So instead I use a small USB extension cable which has worked fine for many years now.

Good Luck!

not sure I read this the way some others did… think the OP wanted the ability to use the soft e-licenser concept instead of the dongle… like with Cubase AI… or I could be wrong.

Some other DAWs allow this, Digital Performer can use a hardware key or a soft-install to the HD.