Is there a way to make rhythm-gate chord line combining Chord MIDI and Rhytmic MIDI

Ok I got some task that turns out very tedious. So I would like you to help me do following:

  1. MIDI Chords (Chords MIDI Blue channel)
  2. MIDI Rhythm (Rhythmic Gate MIDI Yellow channel)
    To combine those two above and get results as:
  3. OUTPUT (Rhythmic-Gated Chord Green channel)
  • I am familiar with MIDI Gate insert plugin, but I need output in MIDI format not in Audio.
  • I am also familiar with Arpache SX in sequence mode where you can drop MIDI part but somehow I didn’t get precise results since it re-trigger dropped rhythmic-gate midi part on every chord even if oneshot mode is ticked (strange)

Here are the 2 MIDI files (Blue and Yellow channel)
CHORD MIDI.mid (188 Bytes)
RHYTMIC-GATE MIDI.mid (584 Bytes)

In my task this appeared to be more complex and to do manually I would need at least 6h.
Any suggestions are welcome even if there are third party solution for this i don’t mind.


I use these plugins:

Thanks so much for the input, I will demo those and will report if and how i manage to do above.

Gut q

Wow I know you from SX time :smiling_face: Nice interview with Ray on imsta and glad you visiting forum respect!

MelodicFlow is the thing! Its easy and realible.
So basically its easy achievable with following:

  1. Load MelodicFlow
  2. Put chords and rhytmic MIDI and set rhytmic on C#6 note (also keep chords onto blue range)
  3. Record its MIDI output into any instrument MIDI input.

Thanks so much @Accel0001 :heart: