Is there a way to make the selection snap to the event?

Is there a way to make the selection snap to the event?

I may be missing some terminology but the blue selection bar in the top time ruler…I would like it to snap to the end and beginning of whatever event I select making bouncing edits much faster.

Thank you!

i hope i’m understanding you correctly. i’ll share some hope it works.

first make your edits lets say you edited bar 1 bar 2 bar 3 and bar 4.
now you want to shuffle them say bar 2 bar1 bar 4 and bar3
so you need to first make cuts to your selection than use shuffle option next to snap and then align them and it will snap to the start and end of whatever.

you also have grid/ events/ cursor option next to snap

one more that comes to mind- go to the key editor

make your edits - now make a selection say bar 1 is what you selected and you want it to go to bar4 go to edit - range- paste time the notes after bar 4 will move and make space for bar1. but if you dont use paste time and just use ctrl v it wont move other parts further so your new and existing notes will be together.

other option is comp tool check that on youtube if you want to make edits from different tracks and align them on a single track.

You can make things snap to events, or grid, and other stuff by changing the snap settings.

I used to use events when I chop up a bunch of tracks to comp then they jump to the right place.

But with the way they have the comp setup now I haven’t been doing that.

Unless I´m misunderstanding what you want to do.

Select the part and press P

I think using the word “snap” has made your question a bit ambiguous…

Activate the preference: Editing - Cycle follows Range Selection.

Switch to the range tool, and double click the event you want the the cycle to enlcose.

Hey guys, really sorry I made this more complicated by not knowing the proper terminology. I’m from Pro Tools and I’m still catching up with Cubases terminology.

Mrhehon nailed it…it was “P” :slight_smile:

Thank you to all! I will thank you each of you :slight_smile:

And Alt + P will start it playing.