Is there a way to map CC21 to the keyboard?

So instead of using my Steinberg QC controller to control CC21(or any other CC) I’d like to input CC21 data with my piano keyboard. So C1 could be the lowest parameter and C7 could be the highest. Something like that.

Thank you!

this should be possible with the Input Transformer


Yes, Input Transformer is the way to go. Unfortunately, there are only 4 Modules, what might not fit to your needs.

BTW, the Input Transformer is Cubase Pro only.

Ok any chance someone can take a screen shot of how to set that up in Input Transformer?

Fingers crossed because I don’t know how Input Transformer works :grimacing:


Filter Target
( Type is | Equal | Note )

Action Target
Type | Set to fixed value | Controller
Value 2 | Use Value 1
Value 1 | Set to fixed value | CC 21

Transform![Screenshot 2021-09-30 at 09.21.24|690x391]

Thank you! But under Value 1 Parameter 1 I can’t select a CC. I only have the option to select A1-G8.


Double-click the field and type 21, please. That should work.