Is there a way to merge songs between different projects?

I have different projects 1 for Pop Songs and other for Rock songs, there is a way to interchange songs between them? With all its parameters(Layers, Stacks, etc)

Select in the right zone “Media Bay”, then you can drag and drop the song of the left zone (setlist) to the icon “Song”. Do this with any song you want to copy. I’m not sure, if you can drag & drop multiple songs. Open your other project. Select “Song” in the Media Bay and drag & drop it to the setlist. It will copy all parameters except shared layers will become normal ones.

You can also save and load Songs in the Songs menu.

Thanks, but both ways is not working for me, I added the song to both ways “Local” and “Project”, but when I open the other project and drag to song list on the left side Don’t add, it shows in orange but no add. Also I tried saving the song but it showing me “Sorry, Song Archive requires an empty folder”

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The Song Archive message appears when you apply File/Save Archive. This saves an entire VST Live Project including all media files (audio, MIDI etc), that is not what you want.
You need to use the menu “Song”, and there “Save Song” and “Load Song”.
Do not confuse a VST Live Project with a VST Live Song. Project can have many Songs.

Dragging and dropping from the Media Bay should also work, select the Song category, and select “Project” if your new project is to be created in the same folder as the one you are exporting a Song from. If you create a new project, make sure to save it there before you can import a Song from the bay. Or, select “Local”, then the Songs are available for any project on your local computer.

Thanks, yes I understand that Save Archive is to save the entire project with all the parameters, I tried to save the song in folder with some files, in order to save successfully the folder has to be empty, I cr ate a new one for each song, I already load the song into the other project but only with the menu Song - Load Song because drag and drop is not working for me, but unfortunately when I play the tracks is not sounding, the metronome works the music is off

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No, that is only necessary for Save Archive.
If you import a Song, it needs to be able to find its media files and assets. These are kept in folders next to the project (! - not Song, but Project) file (.vlprj).
I suggest you don’t change your project folder. It is defined when you save a project. So when saving Songs, simply save it to the “Songs” folder of your project, then you should be able to load it into any project saved in the same folder, and it should find all its assets (like tempo files for sync) etc.
Keep it simple. It all depends how you create the new project that you want to import the saved Songs to. Make sure to save it as soon as possible (after “New Project”, for instance) in the same folder where the project is that you saved the Songs with, then everything should be just fine.

Ok My friend thank you so much, I resolved rerouting each track to the stereo output, as default is (NC), only works for me loading the song from menu choosing the .vlsong file.

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