Is there a way to move a drum set up to another project?

Hi, I have a drum set up via a rack instrument with 8 activated tracks…kick…snare…etc with a fair few vst’s allocatted to various tracks, I would like to move this set up to another project to replace the drums of said project, is there a “proper” way to do this?
I’ve figured out (I think) that I could save the project with the drum set up I want as a template and then delete everything except the drums…again, is there a better way?

any help would be a wondrous thing …thanks, Kevin

Templates are OK for new Projects but check out using “Track Archives:wink:

OK thanks for the tip… :slight_smile: had a go at it and it imports the group channels but not the drum vst or the drum tracks…

Yeah, there’s an easy way!

What I do is, firstly, dont use the Rack. I make the kit a multi-out Instrument Track. All the drums are bussed to a drum group, which also has a couple plugins in it.

1) Save Track Preset of the Drums from Arranger (project) window
2) Save the Group Channel via Selected Channels in MixConsole
3) In new project, do “Add New Track Using Track Preset,” and load the preset made earlier.
4) create a Group Channel, then “Load Selected Tracks” into it.

DONE. The instrument Channels all load with all plugins. You might have to do the routing—but that’s easy with Q-Link. And, if you aren’t using a Group, then it’s just one step on either side (the bold fonts above)!

If you’re on <7.5, or you really don’t want to use Instrument Tracks, then save the drum VSTi as a preset within the VST’s menu; do the “Save Selected Channels…” in MixConsole (MC) for the Instrument Channels and any Groups—noting exactly how many outputs you are saving with each; in new project, load VSTi and its preset; create the correct number of outputs; select them and “Load Selected Channels…” in MC. You’ll have to manually re-route.

thanks enjneer, I’ll look deeper into what you suggest tomorrow, seems complicated,
I have a project at the mo that has the drum set up via a rack as I said and 4 group channels and like the sound and set up…also includes a lot of plugins…I was hoping to just save this as some sort of preset that i could load up on any project, does what you suggest cover this possibility?
sorry to be so daft…Kevin

Yeah, moving deep-mixed outputs and synths and routing… It’s never easy.

The last paragraph I wrote above does cover what you want. It reads complicated, but it’s not that bad, really. I used to do it all the time before 7.5. It’s really just three main things:

  1. Save rack preset of the VSTi
  2. Save selected instrument channels in MC
  3. Save selected Group channels in MC

In the new project, load the VSTi in Rack and load the preset. You’ll have to manually make the same number of outputs again—but the VSTi will have the correct output assignments saved. Then load your previously saved instrument channels in MC while they’re selected.
Make the same number of Groups and load the previously saved group channnels into them. All plugins will load as they were in the original.
You’ll have to manually reassign the routing again, though Sends are remembered.

Track Archives will, I believe, load up all the tracks with the routing. But I’ve never really gotten into using those. That might be faster, then load the VSTi and its preset.

But, honestly, if you really like your drum setup, it’d be worth it to take the time to set it up as a multi-out Instrument Track. Then it’s one-click in each project to save/load the VSTi. Then, you only have to worry about saving/loading your Group channels.

Now that there are multi-out Instrument Tracks, I doubt I’ll ever go back to the rack. And I’m in the process of shifting all my favourite drum setups (the only thing I ever still used the Rack for) from the Rack to ITs for this very reason.

Thanks for all the info, gonna have to look at the multi out ins channels i guess, didn’t know they existed,making music nowadays is getting complicated innit :slight_smile:

thanks, I appreciate your help…Kevin

It’s a pleasure. Using the “Thanks” button is thanks enough.:wink:

Yeah, it’s getting complicated. But, then again, I used to have to spend 3-6 hours miking up a drum kit, then get all the routing and patching done with outboard gear and my mixing console, then get it all to tape before someone else needed the studio. All with no “Save” possible! So I really can’t complain LOL

Yeah, we’ve got it made…sorry I didn’t use the thanks button, corrected that wrong…

Hmm, Track archives may not work with the rack, never tried, but they should work for Instrument tracks…

Yeah, the Rack won’t get saved. But that’s easy to load the VSTi preset. I’m gonna try this with a full SD2 drum setup. I’ve kind of ignored the whole Track Archive feature all these years…

I don’t think you have a choice.

Using the mix console, I don’t think “Save Selected Channels” works with instrument tracks. It seems to work with everything else, but not instrument tracks. It’s a bug, broken, unfinished or whatever.

Wow. I hadn’t noticed this lame issue. Guess I haven’t had to try that specific set of saves/loads in a long time.

I guess they assume that you’re just going to load the Instrument Tracks as presets? But for those who want to save their whole Mixer states, that really sucks!

But Save/Load Selected channels will work on the VST return channels from the Rack in the MixConsole, right? I’ve used that feature lots over the last few versions…