Is there a way to move automation points incrementally?

hello. it happens often that I have a detailed set of automation points and curves on a track (controlling , for example, level) and I now want to move the entire thing up or down just a bit. when this happens I select all the points and the drag them up or down with the mouse but it seems like there should be an easy and more accurate way to do this. is there a hot key for moving things 1db at a time? seems like some shift alt arrow type thing should do it. if there is this already I might be just lacking the vocabulary to search for it. thanks so much, Norman

I’m on Nuendo 11 btw

Maybe using “Trim” mode?
You can select points to change and select region. So in automation mode you select trim and the area you want to make the change (between locators, up to the end or start…). I think the increase is relative with is useful, not linear. For a linear increase or decrease you can select automation points and move one of them using command in Mac, ctrl in Windows? to fix the time position of them.

Also, try using the selection tool instead.

@normankrow You can do it with PLE like this:

Or like this:


hey thanks for that it looks interesting. I have never played with the ple but I like the concept.

Do you work with the “Info Line” showing?
If you do, there’s field there which reads “Volume” where you can change the value for your selection, be it audio events or automation points. You can change it in 1dB increments by hovering your mouse there and scrolling up or down , and in finer increments by holding shift.

edit: just a correction: “volume” is the field for clip gain. when its automation points it reads “value”, regardless of which parameter is being automated.


This is a great quick way to scale multiple automation points. It does not create any new points at the boundaries and doesn’t annoy you like the edit handles when they obscure the points when editing in the project window. I wish I found this method sooner.

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I havent yet found how the info line governs this. I will keep trying thank you

@normankrow FYI you can activate the infoline using the ‘Setup Window Layout’ button, usually found top right on the toolbar.

When the info line is visible - if you select one or more automation points the value is shown in the third field from the left. You can enter new values here or scroll the value using the mouse wheel. You can also use Shift + up/down arrow keys to move the values up or down by 1dB.

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Sorry I didn’t see your reply earlier, but stingray got you covered.

Have you succeeded?