Is there a way to move/convert/migrate inserts to 'direct offline processing' to save CPU?

Hello, I’ve had a rough idea of ‘direct offline processing’ and,
since my track number gets increased as I am mixing…

Would there be a way to ‘convert’(?) or simply move the list of inserts to make it as,
direct offline processing to save up CPU usage?

So, I know alternative ways of, ‘freezing’, or simply rendering and disabling the original track.

I’ve been using these ways frequently lately and I thought…

maybe I should make usage of direct offline processing, for a temporary lock? and go back when I need to for extra adjustment, while saving up some CPU…?

How do you all manage CPU usage for like, a project with around 80 tracks?

My mac is pretty strong and never get over half way by the end ‘but’ it does get hot so I really wanna manage effectively and looking for some good tips for it :slight_smile:

Thanks! (*I have been searching about this over the forum and the most similar post was back in 2018 so yeah! I am kinda reviving for newly updated tips! :))


No, sorry, there is no way.

I’m not 100% sure I understand your request, but I think it is possible - you can apply insert FX from the inspector or mix console one by one or as a whole plugin chain to the offline processing:
select an event/clip - go to audio>direct offline processing - drag a single FX or the whole insert rack to the direct offline processing list.
This will render all FX with their current settings into your audio.
Does this help?



Oh WOW! Thank you!

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Unless it changed in 11 (im on 10.5), you can only drag the whole insert rack from Mixer. it doesn’t work with left zone inspector.

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Ok, how is the signal flow chain…? will it sound exactly the same??

Direct Offline Processing goes in between whereabout…?
Pre----------------- Post fader?

What happens if I insert extra ‘after’ having direct offline processing activated?

Awesome Frank! thanks :slight_smile: