is there a way to move cursor to next waveform ?


i have a drum track and i want to put markers just like hitpoint detection say…
but i want to move the timeline manually . is there a skip to next waveform feature ? protools does this quite well since 199ish.

is there a skip to next waveform

What do you mean exactly by waveform here?

Yeah… i mean i’ a signal protools is able to skip to next… significant transient… something like that.
Obviously when you have kick drums it skips from on kick to the other (pressing tab i think)
Good think is it doesn’t have to be as clear a kick it works with voices etc… Skips from one sentence to the other.
So i have a sound here it’s bird singing. I want to put markers to export to my modular sampler. Using this skip function would be useful on a 1h track.