Is there a way to move OS and programs to a new computer?

I don’t have high hopes for this one but anyways but I have to ask, so here we go!

I just bought a new hard drive for OS and Programs and I’ve been installing away like there is no tomorrow and I’m kind of start to wish there isn’t haha! :open_mouth: :laughing:
It takes time … and if I can avoid this tedious process in the future I’ll be more than happy to.
This computer is the best I’ve ever had BUT computers are computers and some day I will need a new one even if I hope this one will last for several more years.
So is there some kind of solution of copying over Windows 10 and all the stuff I have on C:\ plus the programs that are on D:\ to a new computer, AND HAVE IT WORKING JUST LIKE MAGIC?

The problem usually are driver versions and permissions for software (sometimes including the OS). So if you’re just swapping from one drive to another it might be easier.

I’ve used Macrium Relfect to clone my system drive and it works very well. I simply had the software take the system drive as a source and pointed to a new drive to create a clone and that was it. It also allows me to make incremental (or "differential) backups to a stored image and then restore that if I need to (to a new drive from my backup drive). The clone was on a system where the hardware otherwise didn’t change though.

Also to note is that all software I really care about is and is critical is on dongles, so as long as I install the dongle management software it’s easy - I don’t have to spend a bunch of time punching in serial numbers or whatever.

I would recommend that the next time you do this you simply back everything up and give it a try. It either works or it doesn’t, so it’s not like you’re losing anything by trying.

:sunglasses: Something like that … yes! Thank you very much. I’ll check that out first!