Is there a way to mute simply using the range tool the muting?

Like many other DAWs I’d like to be able to select a range with the Range tool and then mute it immediately without having to first separate the section then mute (i.e. it would separate it automatically). I’d even settle with being able to separate a section with the Range tool and shift+x, then be able to mute it without having to first re-select it with the Object Select tool. These are fast workflow things, and the current method I’ve been using for so long is clumsy and fiddly, so I hope I’m just missing something.

Is there something I’ve been missing all of these years? I hope so.


You can do this in the Key Editor window, not in the Project window.

Damn, that’s too bad. It’s such a useful thing in the Project Window in other DAWs, would speed up workflow noticeably in Cubase in this way.

Add it it to the list of workflow modernizations/improvements needed, I guess.

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If it’s an event on a single track:

Range select the material, then

Transport: Locate Selection Start
Tool: Select Tool
Edit: Select Events under Cursor
Edit>Mute Events

Thank Steve, that’s a great one for single tracks, at least. Would love it for multiple tracks, too - I hope Steinberg implements it.

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Just came across this and it seems the definitions have changed:
mainly, I can find “Tool: Select Tool”.
Anyone knows what’s the new name for this? tried searching but didn’t find