Is there a way to notate "Hi-Hat barks" in Dorico?

I want to be able to notate it as shown in the image below. I’m currently using two sixteenth-notes to do it. It sounds the same but I really like the look of the one below.

I was wondering if Dorico has this option or not

You could easily make it in the playback technique editor: Library > Playing Techniques > unpitched percussion (from the drop-down menu) > Open (from the left column) and then at the bottom click New From Selection. Then simply click on the little pencil at the bottom of the graphics window on top and add the + sign. You can even save it with the right name so you can call it up from the popover later.

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Yes, as Claude suggests, if you have a sampled “bark” that can be triggered by a single note, then creating a new playing technique and a corresponding playback technique, and ensuring that you adjust the percussion map in use to trigger the appropriate MIDI pitch that corresponds to the “bark” sound, it should all work OK.