Is there a way to only show Soloed tracks in mixer view?

Is there a way to only show Soloed tracks in mixer view, perhaps via some shortcut or macro I am unaware of? and have all other tracks hidden?

Hi - Don’t know how to do it automatically, but (apologies if you know this already), you can manually set all the non-soloed tracks to “Can Hide” status and make them go away while you work on the soloed tracks only (page 149/150). For easy recall later, you can store the view as a separate mixer, or (not sure about this part, as I haven’t tried) as a “Mixer View Set” (pages 148, 151).


It’s not super-easy, but you can do this, in fact.

Fist of all, right click on the Mixer window, and select Command target > Selected only.

Then use Project Logical Editor, and create your own preset (I’m sending screenshot of it, name it “Select Muted Tracks”, or anythink like this) in your Edit > Project Logical Editor. Filter Target:
Media Type is ::: Equal ::: Audio ::: And
Property ::: Properties is set ::: Event is muted

Action Target – leave empty.

Function: Select.

OK, now the process.

  1. Open your Arranger or Mixer window.
  2. From the Edit > Process Logical Editor, select your preset “Select Muted Tracks”.
  3. Right click on the Mixer windows, and choose Channel Visibility > Can Hide: Set. Now, you can hide all your Muted (and selected) tracks.
  4. Click on the icon of the Mixer, which is named Hide channels set to “Can Hide”.

Now, you will see just not-muted tracks.

Unfortunately, there is no properties “Event is Soloed” in the Project Logical Editor.

Can anybody do this easier way, please?