Is there a way to package a current project together?

Long story short, currently my folders are a bit of a mess, I got all my projects meshed together in an ungodly mess. I need to move some of them to an external harddrive since I finished them but want to keep them around. Is there any way I can open a project and save the project and all its associate files into a single package that I could take to another computer (or in this case to my external harddrive for later use).

Every song should have its own folder.

Easier said than done, I make a lot of different versions a lot of time. But I start a new song in its own folder.

But if you move a folder where a song is saved you will move everything associated with that song.


Yes, there is a function in the File-Menu called “project back-up”.
Puts all tracks and information of this enabled project and place it in a new folder on your HD or memory stick. :wink:
(Manual p. 80)