Is there a way to "Page" left or right by banks of visible channels at a time in the mixer?

Can’t find anything in key commands, wondering if there is some sort of modifier I don’t know about?

I would love this. Currently it’s very awkward mousing around until you find the tiny mixer scroll bar. Also, mouse wheel mixer scrolling is dangerous because depending on where you are hovering, it may alter the value of a parameter instead of scroll the mixer. Also, mouse wheel scrolling is directionally backwards from every other application. (Makes using molodyne inside Nuemdo via ARA2 super frustrating because the scroll direction is opposite for melodyne vs Nuendo.
Let me know if you find a bank/page mixer scroll function!

Yes, depending on your system and the size of the project/channel account, mouse dragging and scrolling can become a bit laggy and choppy making it difficult to navigate precisely. It would be much easier and quicker and less finicky to allow the program to execute exact movements.

I would like controls for 'Full Channel Banking’ Left and Right, as well as 'Half Channel Banking’ left and right.

I would also like a control to 'Center on Selected Channel’


It can’t be that hard to implement this. :unamused: