Is there a way to playback an Atmos Master file in Nuendo 11?

I does not look like I can play back an Atmos Master file or any other Atmos files. Has anyone been able to do that in Nuendo 11?

Also, I am not able to import ADM files that include the automation. Or at least Nuendo 11 isn’t seeing the automation. When I right click a file and choose “show all automation”, nothing shows up. The ones I am importing we made on a Mac/Pro Tools. I am on PC and Nuendo 11.

Hi, yes that’s right, you can’t play back atmos files. You need to import adm files.
But importing ADM with automation should not be a problem. I’d appreciate if you can send me an example adm with automation where the automation is missing after import.


I was able to import an ADM file from Netflix into N11 on a Win 10 PC with no problems. All the automation came across.

I can now get the importing to work just fine. Might be the way they were made before wasn’t right, but all OK! All the vol and panning lanes show up with the automation. Nice.