Is there a way to preview instruments?

Is there any way during the setup phase to listen to a sample of an instrument playing before adding it to the score? There are a lot of instruments to choose from, and many which I don’t recognize.

If not, it might be useful in future versions of Dorico to add a ‘preview’ button to the Add Player screen that will play a short arpeggio or drum pattern or some other representative sample of what the instrument sounds like to make it easier to decide if you wish to include it.

Once you’ve added one player to your project, you can go to Play mode and open the HALion Sonic SE plug-in, and start loading different sounds in there to preview them by clicking on the keyboard at the bottom of the window. It’s a nice idea to allow you to preview the sound from Setup mode, though, and I’ll make a note of that.

I would like to have this, too. I use the “Test” button in Sibelius quite a bit.


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