Is there a way to preview next page's notes?


when changing pages, I like to have an idea what note to aim for (before turning pages)
I’d like to do either of:

  1. have a bracketed grace note AFTER the last note on a page
  2. automatically have a “preview” of the next bar printed when a page ends (maybe in grey), which then is still normally printed on the (top of) next page.
  3. insert a “ghost” bar, which is skipped in numbering and playback (skipped, not silent)

Is the propose clear, or should I add a picture?
Any hints how to achieve this?


In other words, you want a “custos” which was common in medieval/renaissance music. I’ve requested the feature before; the only way to do it right now is to get everything just about how you want it in engrave mode (ie-determine your layout) and then go back and add dummy measures and hide the time signatures. Alternatively, you just have to place the notes in as floating symbols.

Thanks for giving me a name for it! :slight_smile:
I hereby request that feature, too.

I expect dummy measures to be much to much effort.
What du you mean by “floating symbols” (= how can i insert such)?

I would pencil in any pertinent information. Adding notation, or what looks like notation might result in an accident if the part is ever read by someone else. I’ve never seen such warnings put in parts by anyone other than the actual performer. Most players prefer to use their own personal shorthand for such things.