Is there a way to quantify the cost/benefit of Freezing a track?

Maybe a silly question. But I’d be curious to know if there was a meter one could provide for the CPU benefit of Freezing a given VSTi on a given CPR.

eg… Does the ‘Freeze’ on ‘Omnisphere’ give 8% reduction (or -whatever-) and ‘Retrologue’ a 4% reduction.

It might be cool if the VSTi list gave you a running total… “You just saved 8%!” :smiley:

It may seem like a joke, but I think there’d be a benefit to -me- in understanding this a bit better.


Please add the feature-request tag.

It would be nice to know this info even before freezing (something like the track-based latency in the MixConsole). Then one could decide which track to freeze to save as much CPU as possible.


As a workaround you can disable the vsti or vsts and see the difference in the asio meter. I use that a lot to see the culprit if a project is unexpectedly heavy.